About perceptiongaming inc.


Perception Gaming Inc. was established 2006 which provided gaming product and services. We serve global and local casino
with our own designing, developing, and manufacturing gaming products which stands one of the most popular
and potential business in the world.

Following the corporate culture (RICH) - Responsibility, Intergrity, Creativity and Honesty, we endeavors to integrate
professional know-how, develop kernel technology, ensure quality control, fulfill customer requirements and promote
business relationship. We are committed to providing industry with the most excellent gaming products and services,
and proudly bringing people sophisticated operation experiences.

The most fascinating feature of gaming products goes to the "Perfect Combination" of games and
machines. Our products particularly accentuate the "physical dealing mechanism" and "real-time image
display", which offer ordinary electronic games more lively and authentic enjoyment and sense of reality.
The "true physical" random number generator and instant image transmission embody the spirit of
"SEEING IS BELIEVING" in traditional casino table games.

Since 2004, we have been displayed annually its machines and systems in Global Gaming Expo
at Las Vegas and in Asian Gaming Expo at Macau. Each year we also attends various world-famous
gaming exhibitions and seminars to realize fast moving trends of game design and of international