Mulite-Player-Station with Live Dealer Baccarat
- Electronic Table Game


1. Hosted by Live Dealer Baccarat.
2. Dealt card images are saved for tracking.
3. Easy Configuration.
4. Indication for dealer and Error Correction Function.
5. 4” LCD monitor for live displaying.
6. Mystery Jackpot available.
7. 15" Touch screen and large play buttons.
8. Auto re-bet button.
9. With Side Bet “PAIR”
10. Detailed game history.
11. Bill Validator and TITO Ready.
12. GLI certified & SAS 6.0X compatible.


1. Perception is reality.
2. Easy to Install and Maintain. 
3. Increasing game frequency and security.


Live Table: (D)1200*(W)1800*(H)910 mm
Power:110/230V AC 50/60Hz 6A/3A

Player terminal- Queen series
(D)878*(W)754*(H)1110 mm
Power:110/230VAC 50/60Hz 6A/3A