Multi-Player-Station GLI Approved
Most accurate game play with fast-adjustable game speed.
It increases efficiency and profitability
as well as consistency of operation.


1. American and European Roulette available.
2. 3 betting modes.
3. 15" Touch screen.
4. Re-bet button.
5. Slide betting option
6. Faster One Game Timing (55 sec).
7. Less recognition time on ball number.
8. Error Prevention - No more bet based on the ball speed.
9. Mechanical Roulette Central module.
10. Detailed game history (five ways)
11. 4" LCD monitor for live displaying.
12. Bill Validator, TITO ready.
13. GLI certified & SAS 6.0X compatible
14. Optional with 3D Virtual Dealer.
15. Extendable with Queen-series terminals.


1. Perception is reality
2. Reduce labor cost
3. Enhance operation efficiency
4. Easy to maintain


(D)2498*(W)2498*(H)1010 mm
Power:230VAC 50/60Hz 7A