Touch your heart
with 3D Virtual Dealer


1. Interactive with 3D Dealer Jessie on a 47"/50" wide screen display.
2. Squeeze card function - horizontal & vertical.
3. Both player terminal and Main Display will show squeeze-card-process.
4. The squeeze time can be configured respectively from 15 to 35 seconds.
5. Mystery Jackpot available.
6. Game speed is set to default at 30 seconds/ per game. Configuration is allowed.
7. 15" Touch screen and large play buttons.
8. Auto re-bet button.
9. With Side Bet “PAIR”
10. Detailed game history.
11. Bill Validator and TITO Ready.
12. GLI certified & SAS 6.0X compatible


1. Reduce labor cost.
2. Easy to install and maintain.
3. Increasing game frequency and security


Plasma Mainframe
820(D)* 1474(W)* 2000(H)mm

Player Terminal-Queen Series
878(D)* 754(W)* 1110(H) mm
Power:110/230VAC 50/60 Hz 6/3A